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     Audiobook Narration &  Media  

Joseph Batzel

"Giving Voice to Literature and Media"

Joseph Batzel, Professional Voice-Over Actor

Let me give life to your material through my service at "Audiobook and Media Narration."

As a voice-over actor, I provide artistic presentations of literary and media works by nationally and internationally published authors and media professionals.

I also provide mentorship and training for aspiring voice actors.

For more information, you may contact me with the inquiry form on the contact page.

Mission Statement

I am dedicated to enriching lives through creative thoughts and imagination, through the power of the artistic voice.

What Makes Me Unique

  • Professional and Marketable
  • Flexible as an Actor, Trained Dialectician
  • Can Work in Various Genres
  • Amicable and Accommodating
  • Successfully Provide the Best Product For Clients
  • Punctual

Bio/About Me

As a voice actor for more than 40 years, my training is extensive in both academic and professional arenas.

I have worked in film, TV, radio, and audiobooks. I am also an established professional film/stage actor with over 250 credits. Additionally, I am a dialect specialist and can reproduce most dialects and accents. To read further about my credits and experience, please check out my narrator interview on my services page.


  • MA, Theater/Cinematic Arts
  • BA, Acting/Directing for Stage/Film
  • Professional Actor/Director in Film, Stage, TV
  • Associate Producer, Film

  • Casting Director for Film, TV, Stage, and Voice-Over

  • University Educator
  • Conference Workshop Presenter


  • League of Utah Writers
  • LDSPMA (Education Director)
  • Toastmaster's International


As President of the League of Utah Writers, I have the honor and privilege of working with Joseph Batzel. He has presented at several of the League's conferences, and chapters. Joseph is a highly skilled professional as well as a very personable presenter. He always provides highly relevant information in an engaging way. He has been a real pleasure to work with. I recommend Joseph as a presenter, public speaker, and audiobook narrator.

Jared Quan, President, League of Utah Writers,

Executive Director, Big World Network,

Author, several short stories and books including Changing Wax.

- Jared Quan, President, League of Utah Writers

Joe has a golden voice. We have had the opportunity to use Joe's talents in a variety of voice-over projects and have always been delighted with the results. He has a great narrator's voice and can also perform wonderful characterizations.

Alisa Anglesey | Casting Producer

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Publishing Services Department

LDS Motion Picture Studio

300 W 2230 N, Provo, UT 84604

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Joseph Batzel and I have collaborated on several creative projects in the past and as a humor writer, I find his talents an invaluable resource while building a new character's voice. Joe is both professional and thorough on any project he lends his wonderful voice to--one of us has to be. His inflection and characterization enhance any narration. I would endorse him strongly based on his vocal talent alone, but additionally, I have had the pleasure to attend and assist with his many class presentations in writing conferences where he expertly shares his knowledge with others in a most encouraging way. I have personally benefited from his classes and grown professionally in confidence and ability in both live interview and reading engagements. He is a confidence builder and benefits all those who are lucky enough to work with him.

Steven Odenthal,

Playwright, Author, Humorist

My experience with Joe Batzel goes beyond 20 years in the business of the Performing Arts, teaching, and friendship. I met Joe upon opening the doors of a talent agency I co-founded & operated in Utah. When I met Joe, I was taken by his stellar acting skills and by his voice. I knew that I wanted to be his agent. Having worked in the voiceover industry for many years in Los Angeles, I instantly knew that Joe would be a force to be reckoned with when it came to all forms of acting. Joe possesses a remarkable gift for the craft of acting and voice acting. As a University acting professor, Joe invited me to guest lecture at which point we became fast friends. I jumped at the opportunity to accept a position offered to be on the board of a non-profit organization he was the director. Together we worked on artistic projects that greatly benefited his community. Joe Batzel is a man of many talents, of great humor, of kindness, undeniable integrity and honesty. After the sale of my talent agency, Joe and I remained friends and colleagues in this wonderful world of show business. Joe continues to work in the voiceover industry with much success. No surprise to me, as he is a true voiceover star! 

Linda Bearman / Private Acting & Voiceover Coach


"I was amazed by the quality of work Joseph produced for my short children's audiobook. He was well-prepared, delivered in a timely manner and, instead of delivering the bare minimum, he brought my story to life with his enthusiastic, excellent voice-acting. He took revision suggestions and came back with exactly what I asked for. The work aside, Joseph is the kind of person you are glad to have worked with and one who becomes stapled in your mind as the go-to-narrator if I need one again. A true diamond in the rough, I am lucky to have worked with him. -Ahmed Eltayeb for Steven and the Maze"

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